Saturday, March 23, 2019

6 Jerkbait Fishing Tips that Catch Bass

Here is a great fishing video to help anglers catch more bass with jerkbaits. This is not your cold water typical jerkbait video. Check it out! Lots of fish catches!
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  1. zak burns says:

    I've never had a bass finicky about color……. I fish everyday.

  2. Myron Crisdon says:

    I've caught 4 bass at the Pensauken, NJ pond and I'm only 10 years old.

  3. Jenymon Cyriac says:

    Awesome video!!! I want that jerk bait but 20 bucks is a lot!, is there a cheaper alternative jerk bait that works just as well???

  4. I can't catch jack shit. I can catfish. I like sunfish. 

  5. Christina Mcelroy says:

    I am very very new to fishing and know nothing, but I'm addicted! Can you tell me what kind of pole this is? Why you prefer it? Do you only use it to catch Bass or is it a universal kind of thing? 

  6. toby knows says:

    What color is that vision 110? I can't seem to figure it out.

  7. Wired2Fish says:

    Missouri Boe, the Megabass Jerkbait Walker is using has won numerous tournaments on Lake of the Ozarks (see Marcus Sykora). It can work in dingy water (if it has noise makers in it). But it's very effective around docks, standing timber, open water and more. It's effective in cold water. But works all through the spring and again in the fall.

  8. wish i could use those types of baits more frequently..our damn lakes up here in mn are so weedy, you pretty much have to go weedless all the time, texas rig, etc…

    treble hooks will bring back some heavy veg =(

  9. that's not exactly a normal jerkbait…

  10. Moua XIONG says:

    i like this vid a lot but for me i prefer a faster reel for jerk baits because since the actions through the jerk jerk pause……i want to be able to reel up those slacks a lot faster and if i do get a bite u can set the hook more effectively thats just my opinion :) have a nice day now yall

  11. River Brown Outdoors says:
  12. Missouri Boe says:

    Is there any time of year not to use this bait? And is this bait just as effective in muddier water such as lake of the ozarks and Turman Lake, Missouri?

  13. Andy's Fishing says:

    I always love hooking a fish mid sentence.  Fishing new spots is also great fun, good tips.

  14. HighAsCaptnKirk says:

    Gr8 info thx! 

  15. ReTrySkating says:

    What boat? And what hp motar

  16. Sam Gordon says:

    Whats the name of the jerk bait(s) used in the video?

  17. This is one of the better jerkbait tips videos I've watched so far. He covers the nuances of a jerkbait when fishing in different water temps, and more importantly, different regions. Fishing up in the Northeast/New England area is very different from fishing down southeast in Florida, Georgia, etc.

  18. MyGeekAdvice2 says:

    what kind of pole and reel is your setup?

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