Saturday, March 23, 2019

Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!

Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!
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What’s the best way to fish a crankbait? Professional Bass Angler and four time Bassmaster Classic winner, Kevin VanDam, shows you how to fish one of his favorite spring lures.

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Video Rating: / 5


  1. Nick Myers says:

    I live in central Ohio and do live action POV multispecies lure fishing videos from bite to release with a go pro chesty. just starting out my channel and only have a couple videos up but check me out people! I'll sub you back

  2. Rick Brewer says:

    You just gave us a lifetime of knowledge!

  3. Damname of Damnation says:


  4. ryder bodzer says:

    What rod and reel are you using

  5. Gage Creesman says:

    this helps me a lot just watched it and went fishing right after it and caught that 7 pound largemouth on a Rapala original floater

  6. bass fishermen says:

    that really helped me because all I do is bank fish. thanks

  7. Brandon Welch says:


  8. unodinocs uno says:

    Awesome video 

  9. tribeof shabazz says:

    thanx for the info. it helps me alot!!

  10. Dilly Vue says:

    What are your best beginner rod
    But I well go catch salmon king or whatever is small to large?

  11. Frank Rivera says:

    Great video! Very informative. Any advise on what I can use for muddy water?

  12. Frank Rivera says:
  13. Gary Shaffer says:

    Nice video . But a little 10 foot kayak make it so mush funner and there easy to carry around.

  14. Dale Zack says:

    Great Tips …Thanks!

  15. Ripped Bubba says:

    Great video!  I pond fish in lots of heavy cover, your light/heavy rod combo and bank approaching method was very informative.  Thanks again!

  16. Man your lucky. All the golf courses on Sacramento won't let you fish them. Which course is this? Doesn't seem like the sac area 

  17. Aaron C (mreddy6554) says:

    So far I have applied everything I have learned from your videos, and I can say with confidence that this has been my best year of fishing. Thanks again man! This is my go-to channel!

  18. Anthony McGee says:

    Awesome videos, great information, we bank anglers appreciate you! Its hard to find bank fishing video, so thanks!

  19. frank jones says:

    Great vids man! Learn more on these than any other!

  20. akasupaman says:

    Your videos are so useful! 

  21. Fishing Long Island says:

    KVD is the man……… Been trying to make some Youtube shows. Check it out let me know what ya think..

  22. Даниал Ускенбай says:


  23. CreepermanMr says:


  24. thomas dunn says:

    Does it actually work really good or is it just a hoax just like all those electric sound lures

  25. Doug in San Diego says:

    very educational info there, about the rods & line, as well as crankbaits

  26. DEAD ABunchAjAXX says:

    what is the name of that lure

  27. Mark Fisher says:

    Is he not so posed to catch the fish 

  28. Jake Lemon says:

    Thank you for the tips

  29. SAVAGE308SNIPER says:


  30. Kathy Wallace says:

    Can you get this lure at bass pro and what color is the lure?

  31. Sean Bedard says:

    Were do you do your fishing, like what state.

  32. rchouser123 says:

    I love the crank bait shots. Its all about the Red Eye and the keep showing a KVD 2.5. Fail!

  33. Brennan Critzer says:

    That's me in the second row 3rd seat!

  34. Calder Brown says:

    That helped me alot thanks for the good tips 

  35. angela sheppard says:

    awesome presentation.thanks

  36. MrRetroville says:

    Smallmouths are far more fun to catch than Largemouths. They are a much stronger freshwater fish even though they don't get as big. Largemouths jump a lot which is fun. But smallmouths jump too and a 5-6 pound smallmouth will fight much harder than a an a 7-8 largemouth. The fight isn't even close.

  37. realbigdawg91 says:

    love this vid kvd is the man

  38. OutofWORKoutdoors says:

    this guy always be giving good tips.

  39. ROBO HANDLE says:

    Very informative. Keep up the good work. 

  40. Joshua Schwartz says:

    Awesome tips! Practical advice you can take action on. 

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