Saturday, March 23, 2019

Beginner Introduction to fishing

A beginners guide for learning how to fish. Be our friend on facebook Chat one on one with Nick, get updates on appearances events and other behind the scenes info! Coming soon facebook friends giveaways!
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  1. Frank Castaneda says:

    Great video Nick! Thank you !!

  2. Awesome Vid. Very educational for a Rookie like myself. Just a tip though, the "bluegill" fish link is hard to press cuz its right next to the video slider. Thanks though!

  3. Lugiono Trinh says:

    Thank you! Now, I have know information about fishing! :D

  4. Great video….gave a lot of information!


    This video is full of valuable information! Thanks!

  6. byron charles says:

    very informative

  7. Is someone taking a piss in the background?

  8. apollomonsterxyz says:

    I hope to catch a beginner's fish

  9. Do you have to have a fishing licence to just fish 

  10. YYZ Deicer (airplanewrencher) says:


  11. Emilio Roman says:

    Great information for someone like me…keep those informative/educational videos coming! Gracias…

  12. Janocko Deyer says:

    Thanks..this video helped me a lot..

  13. Dominic Arias2 says:

    This guy has helped me a lot 

  14. Dennis Tate says:

    Great video bro 

  15. Mujtaba Ghaffar says:


  16. TasmanianGecko says:

    Hey, I just got my first fishing  rod the other day (a Shakespeare Agility rod), and I'm looking forward to going fishing for the first time soon.  I do have one question, though: the rod itself and some of the equipment I bought had warning labels that said that the products contain lead.  

    Should I worry about the amount of lead in the pole and equipment, or am I just being paranoid?

  17. Juliet Dispensa says:

    Great information…thank you.


    Really nice info, is like a be in the classroom with a dedicated teacher.

  19. Michael Macastle says:

    Thanks for all the great info. You really sound like you know what you are talking about. Now I'm ready to take my three boys out for some fishing. 

  20. Shawn Wilson says:

    My biggest chanel cat was 15lbs I was using a crappie rig ugly stik ul 4'8" pflueger president size 25 with 10 pound fire line. A friend and I was on his boat I had my big rods fishing bottom with cut shad and a greeny. No bits until my buddy started to reel in and got a 8lbs cat. All I had with me was my two bait casters for catfish and my crappie pole, I cut the spinner off and tied on a 5ott circle hook no sinker and a float set it about a foot or less. After a 2-3 minute wait my float darts under the water. I fought the fish for about 30 minutes than under the boat around the rope for the anker for the last 10 minutes of the battle. I got him to where I could grab him handed over my rod gripping the fish with both hands and said flip the bale. Landed!! That was my best catch and my friends brags about it on group fishing trips!
    40lbs flathead catfish is my biggest so far
    Good tips for beginners good luck fishing

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