Saturday, March 23, 2019

How to Find Fish – Bass Fishing

Here are the basics on how I find fish on any given day without going into seasonal patterns.

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  1. Serina Cohen says:

    What should I do go fishing or go scouting this sunday

  2. Austin Burco says:

    What pole are you using

  3. Lucky Reviews says:

    What kind of Bait were you using???

  4. Clint Collins says:

    what rod and reel are you using?

  5. B-ry Ektreme says:

    What kind of boat is that?

  6. bass fishermen says:

    nice video. I learned a lot from it.

  7. Brett Cunningham says:

    Is there anyway that you could make a video dealing with how to locate bass on your electronics? Maybe explain how they appear on sonar, how they relate to the bottom, and how to tell the difference between largemouth and other types of fish. 

  8. Jose Lopez says:


  9. Carson Butler says:

    what kind of fish is this?? Thanks!

  10. unodinocs uno says:

    Nice camera .. Good video 

  11. GotDatGaming says:

    Is a fake worm good for bass

  12. Kyle Mays says:

    Would u know if a quantum reel and pole is any good?

  13. 9:34 great angle/view

  14. Bosanski Ribolovci-NY says:

    #Bass   #AllDay

  15. EliteVenumGaming says:

    man i was about to catch my first white striped bass and a falcon took right before i could land it :(

  16. Skylar Woolwine says:

    I love bass fishing and croppie fishing. Can anyone give me any tips on bass fishing?

  17. Bryan Gerber says:

    At 2:52 what is the thing swiming in the water

  18. I just spent 6 hours trying to catch a striped bass and you just caught one by accident lol

  19. nando1026 says:

    your a beast man u make it seem so effortless

  20. Anthony Bizzari says:

    Very cool vidio buddy . ! 

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