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Marlin Sinks Fishing Boat. Vessel Capsizes After Hooking Huge Fish [Reuploaded]

Marlin Sinks Fishing Boat. Vessel Capsizes After Hooking Huge Fish [Reuploaded]

[Reuploaded for Solving Music Copyrights Infringements]
The History:
A sport-fishing boat off the coast of Panama capsized last Thursday after someone aboard the boat snagged a gigantic black marlin. Photos of the ordeal posted to Facebook make it seem as though the monstrous fish sank the boat as it was being reeled aboard.

According to Marlin Magazine, which obtained the epic pics and uploaded them to Facebook, the fish didn’t actually play a role in sinking the boat, though the boat did eventually end up on the bottom of the ocean. Instead, the captain had been “backing down” on the fish, a practice where the boat is put in reverse to help reel in line. A large wave overtook the stern, upsetting the captain’s balance, which caused him to slip backwards and accidentally hit the throttle into full reverse. This rapid movement in reverse ended up swamping the yacht and sinking it.

A person claiming to be a spokesman for the boat manufacturer, Strike Yachts, took to boating forum The Hull Truth to offer a similar take on the incident:

Direct from Panama I was told that the sea conditions were not as calm as they seem to be in the pictures and the Captain was an experienced Captain. The seas were full of big swells and large waves. A large wave came over the transom and with the anglers all being in the starboard corner the boat leaned… the Captain in the tower lost his footing [and] while the boat was still in reverse another wave came over the transom. At this time, the captain slipped and, believed to still have his hand on the throttle, putting the boat in full reverse burying the transom into the next waves and swells.

Black marlin have a reputation for being among of the largest, most difficult fish to catch. The BBC has labeled the creature, which can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds, the “fastest fish on the planet.” Indeed, black marlin can reach a top speed of 80 mph.

No one aboard the boat was harmed, and they were soon rescued by the same boat that captured the event on camera. As for the fish, that has to be one happy marlin. The one that got away.
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  1. kolby turner says:

    Why do yall thing this is real?A marlin does not weigh nearly enough to sink a boat their is no way that could happen!

  2. Southeastern777 says:

    Next day the newspaper reads:
    ☛ Game Over: Marlins – 1, Mariners – 0 ☚

  3. Rob Vaughn says:

    Glad the marlin got away

  4. Julia McDonald-Carberry says:

    Hopefully, the Marlin escaped. Score one for the fishes. Payback is a b-!!!!

  5. lustamatrix69 says:

    Fucking idiot
    No the marlin did not

    It was driver error
    Hard reverse into swell will
    Capsize any boat

    Especialy with these
    Tournament boats and rivera's ect
    Their prop shafts are on a downward angle
    Which didnt help

    With an offset prop shaft
    Heavy reverse will suck the stern
    Offset prop Heavy forward keeps
    The stern and the bow level


    Dont write a description if you dont know shit 

  6. Benito Rodriguez-Masso says:


  7. bullets and bait says:

    It was e captains fault, he put the boat into reverse to fast and he did it INTO the swell 

  8. What a load of fucken shit

  9. Chad Mynatt says:

    Operator error. The fish had nothin to do with that rig goin down. 

  10. onsitewheelrepair says:

    yeah they saw the fish jump after they ware rescue. ok… what happened to the huk on its mouth. bullshit

  11. Scott Charnes says:

    pull his license he's a danger to us all if he;s got one

  12. Aaron Abse says:

    That can't be real #fake

  13. Crab Hawk says:

    (At a cocktail party or hanging out at the bar one patron says to the other) "Really I tell you that fish was HUGE Oh my you just don't understand that fish PULLED THE BOAT DOWN we barely survived I've got pictures"  I can just imagine…

  14. John Cocktoastin says:

    shit happens

  15. Reebert McJunk says:

    this is a silly video, errrr bunch of pictures… the fish had nothing to do with the sinking the captain did… numbers grabbing is what this video is about…

  16. Rachel Sleeter says:


  17. fuerst metternich says:

    it should read "Captain sinks Fishing boat" instead….

  18. James that guy says:

    The Sea was Angry that day my friends.

  19. jeremy coon says:

    why didn't  they just cut the line ?

  20. Paula McCabe says:

    The guy trying to climb the gunwale is a chimp.

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