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Pro Fishing Line

Now that winter has past, thoughts of lazy summer days on the bank of a freshly stocked pond have taken priority. Taking inventory of the amount of pro fishing line available in the tackle box is just one of the many camping trip activities fisherman perform. Fishing is one of the most impassioned pastimes for all ages. Memories of a quite day on the river listening to the silence of nature, spurs one to get ready for this years’ fun on the water.

Fishing with years of experience behind you or as a novice, requires awareness of what kind of supplies are needed. Pro fishing line is strong enough to reel in that 50 pound blue ribbon winner. A lesser test strength fishing line is needed for the 3 pound trout that lives in the White River. Knowing what equipment is best to handle which activity will prevent undue frustration.

The local bait and tackle shop will usually have the basic accessories for a simple afternoon on the bank of the river. That is they could supply you with simple bait, fishing license, batteries for the flash light and ice for the cooler. Anything more advanced, like special rods or reels that have the latest spinners or those new rubber waders, will require a trip to a large outdoor warehouse.

The first time a novice angler walks into one of these larger stores, they may be a little overwhelmed. If they came in for ordinary fishing line, there are hundreds of types to choose from. Not only is there more than traditional fishing line, there are brands to fit every kind of reel as well as each weight of fish. Pro fishing line has been especially manufactured by combining old-fashioned strength with the newest in technology. Its ultra-strong, braided fiber can take on even the most cantankerous water villain. The enhanced body and E-Z spool design make for smooth spooling. Even heavy weight ocean fish are no match for its’ specialty line strength.

Next to the enjoyment of hours spent in a boat with the wind whipping through your hair, is the end of the day when you get to tell the tale of how you caught that huge stringer of fish. The difference between bragging about how you were able to pull ‘the big one’ into the boat and having to tell about the ‘one that got away’, is determining the correct fishing line. Many a professional fishing line has snapped simply because of poor judgment of fishing line strength. So just how do you choose the correct strength of fishing line?

The most important factor in choosing the correct strength of fishing line is to decide what species of fish you will be fishing for. In general, freshwater fish are smaller than saltwater fish. So if it is freshwater fish you are after, lighter fishing line strength would be appropriate. Line strength is decided on after you decide what you are going after.

An experienced outdoor shop clerk can help you choose the best in pro fishing line. There are also many online sites that can help with fishing line strength. Just remember the key to choosing the right line for the job, is to know what kind of fish you want to take home.


We offer high quality, affordable pro fishing line that are perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.

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