Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sharpen Your Boat Building Skills

For those of you interested in boatbuilding , building a boat is an engineering feat which is really a specialised profession. Constructing a boat is by no mean an easy or simple exercise as you will have to be conversant with every body parts of the boat and accordingly construct using the right materials. Boat building is one of the oldest branches of engineering that have been handed down from generation to generation. Constructing boat means you will have to concentrate on its hulls for sailboats, the masts, spars and rigging. Following are the components that you will have to concentrate on your boat building mission. Boat Components (a) Side view of the wooden frame Bow: The front and generally sharp end of the hull. (b) Bulkhead: The internal walls of the hull (c) Chines: Are long, longitudinal strips on hydroplaning hulls that deflect downwards the spray that is produced by the hull when it travels at speed in the water. (d) Deck: It is the top surface of the hull and helps to keeps water and weather out of the hull allowing the crew to stand safely and operate the boat more easily. (e) Garboard: Strake immediately adjacent to the keel. (f) Gunwale: An upper longitudinal structural member of the hull. (g) Keel: Main central member along the length of the bottom of the boat . It has a strong influence on its turning performance. It resists the sideways pressure of the wind in sailing boats. (h) Keelson : This is an internal beam fixed to the top of the keel to strengthen the joint of the upper members of the boat to the keel (i) Rudder: This is a steering device at the rear of the hull. (j) Sheer: Generally curved shape of the top of the hull and traditionally lowest amidships to maximize freeboard at the ends of the hull. (k) Stem: The keel’s continuation upwards at the front of the hull (l) Stern: The boat’s back. (m) Strake: A strip of material running longitudinally along the vessel’s side, bilge or bottom. (n) Transom: Wide, flat, sometimes vertical board at the rear of the hull. Construction materials Caulking Irons And Oakum: This is a small boat design building material used for hull and spar construction. It is widely available, cheap and easy to work on. This material is popular with amateur boat builder and is used for building small boats. Wooden boat’s hull consists of planking fastened to frames. Keel and frames are made of hardwoods such as oak but planking can either be of oak or softwood such as pine, larch or cedar. But amateur prefers Plywood constructing boats.

Some types of wood construction includes: (a) Carvel (b) Lapstrake(c) Strip planking (d) Sheet plywood (e) Cold-Molding.

Steel (Iron before): Used in sheet or alternatively for all-metal hulls or structural members. It is strong and 30 % heavier than aluminum. However unless it is protected from water by paint, it rust. It is also cheap and amateur boat builders prefer steel to build their boat.

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